The Excuse Generation
The root of our problems is our excuses

Politician's Excuses
Okay, I'll admit it - this is almost too easy.  But, isn't this what we're all talking about these days ?  If there is anyone above all that we don't want to hear excuses from, isn't it our elected officials ? 

Let's start with one of my favorite excuses from a politician: former Congressman and Speaker Of The House Newt Gingrich blamed his cheating on his second wife with his (now) third wife on "how passionately [he] felt about this country", and apparently that passion caused him to "[work] far too hard" - of course, there is no doubt that it is hard work to cheat on your second wife with your future third wife, especially when you are working on impeaching Bill Clinton at the same time.  Is Newt angling for membership in The Excuse Generation ?

Now, let's talk about Paul Ryan.  I respect and admire the fact that he is at least trying to tackle our budget problems  - I was telling people about this guy two years ago.  But, now that he's reached the big leagues, I have to ask: where are the details ?  When asked about his tax plan, all he can give us is vague dismissives about the math being complicated, and he can't even seem to name one deduction he would eliminate - what's the excuse, Congressman Ryan ?

Isn't this the guy who is revered as a "budget wonk" ?  Isn't this the guy who served on the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles commission ? 

Isn't this the guy who watched his party double the national debt while George W. Bush was in office ?  Why weren't we hearing about his "budget wonk" expertise thenWhat's the excuse ?

Congratulations, Congressman Paul Ryan - you are the newest member of The Excuse Generation !

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